Top 2017 Best Chairs Special for You

Furniture has long become part of our life. No matter what we do, it is just impossible to imagine a home of today without furniture. There has to be at least something!

Chairs and beds are two the most important types of furniture. However, a bed can easily be replaced with something that is not furniture; after all, people in Japan often sleep on the floor. But chairs? Benches? Stools? Those things are necessary.

There are several types of activity where a chair is not only needed but also must meet certain requirements. In those instances, simply having something to sit on is not enough. Only the best chairs will suffice. Even then, what’s best depends on what you need a chair for. There are at least several types and subtypes of chairs.

Best Office Chair

An office chair is a chair you or your employees will have to spend most of the time. That means approximately eight hours a day. A dinner chair just won’t do. You will have to get the best office chair to prevent such unpleasant things as back pain, which can affect the efficiency.

An ergonomic office chair is the best kind of chair. Such a chair provides a perfect back support and prevents muscle spasms by relieving them. Pressure relief is exactly what you should be looking for in a chair for office.

It is important to note that while the terms “office chair” and “desk chair” are often used interchangeably, especially when it comes to online stores, they are not necessarily the same thing. That said, there is no clear distinction between them. They are essentially the same type of seat, with a “desk chair” being more or less multi-purpose and an “office chair” being suitable for seating for a long time.

To put it in a more precise way, an office chair is a desk chair, but a desk chair may be something other than an office chair, but still called an office chair and used as such.

It is possible to single out four types of office chairs:

  • Home Chairs. An office chair intended for home use. Using a standard office chair in that quality is possible. However, a home chair may have prints or color schemes unacceptable for the work
  • Task Chairs. Again, this can be a standard office chair. The key attribute is functionality, pure and simple. Such a chair may be not a standard swivel chair and, indeed, quite primitive.
  • Executive Chairs. An executive chair is a chair for senior management, as the name implies. Usually a high-grade office chair, with some extra features and increased comfort.
  • Office Desk Chairs Proper. Any standard office chair that does not belong to any other group.

Best Gaming Chair

As even the name itself suggests, a gaming chair is a chair used for gaming. But there are many ways to use a chair for gaming. The most obvious one is to sit in it when gaming. Other uses are also possible; while sitting, of course. Some gaming chairs have hangers for headphones, keyboard and mouse support or even a USB port.

A gaming chair is essentially a desk chair, but it is vastly different from an office chair. First of all, most gaming chairs have a certain color scheme and never look dull, even if they do not offer anything an office chair can’t. Secondly, it is not unusual for gamers to be, well, enthusiastic, for the lack of a better word. Which means that a gaming chair has to be very durable. Not to say they all but the best gaming chairs definitely should. They are almost never used for sitting still and quietly. A chair that breaks because it couldn’t handle some activity is a bad gaming chair.

The high back chair is a subtype of the desk chair. It may be an office chair, a gaming chair, a combination of both or even something else entirely. Unlike the office chair and gaming chair, a high chair is defined not by its purpose but by its design.

It is possible to single out at least two types of gaming chairs:

  • Gaming Chairs Proper. Usually, have a peculiar design and facilitate gaming.
  • Ordinary Chairs for Computer. May, in fact, be regular office chairs, although may also have extra features facilitating gaming or another kind of computer-related activity, such as keyboard support.

Best High Chair

People who have children will never confuse a high chair with a high back chair. It is probably the first furniture a child ever uses. There are many types of this kind of chair. Depending on the child’s age, weight, height and even habits, it is possible to identify at least a dozen of them. That said, some of the attributes are necessary to call a high chair good, no matter the subtype.

It is generally preferable to choose chairs made from organic materials. Although plastic is not usually allergenic, a wooden chair can offer more benefits for children than a synthetic one. Besides, a wooden chair looks more pleasing to the eye than a chair made from some other material. Still, some metal chairs, particularly from aluminum, can be suitable for children.

High chairs can be foldable. That affects their durability but makes storing and transporting them easier. Then, there are some other extra features, no found in any high chair, but useful nonetheless. A good example would be a high chair for twins.

High chairs can be divided into:

  • High chair proper.
  • Boosted car seat.
  • Foldable high chair.

Massage Chair Review

The only defining feature of this type of chair is its ability to give massages. Such a chair is not merely a chair; it’s a massaging device based on a chair.

As such, there are at least several factors to consider. A message can simply be a means to relax, but if you pursue a therapeutic effect, very few models will be suitable. Comfort is usually a non-issue since most massage chairs are made comfortable. What may be the issue is that everyone needs a different level of comfort.

What you should keep in mind, is that you’re not buying a chair, you’re getting a rather sophisticated piece of equipment.

A massage chair can of any of the following subtypes:

  • Traditional massage chair
  • Robotic massage chair
  • Massage chair for back
  • Full body massage chair
  • Other

Good luck!