Month: February 2017

Best Leather Chairs

Things All Leather Chairs Have in Common No matter if the chair is made from faux leather or natural leather, some things make them alike. The texture, for instance, is almost identical. Leather, no matter how natural it is, is always great to the touch. It always makes a room look better, more classy. An office leather chair is perfect for a formal setting. Of course, leather chairs all have similar drawbacks. For instance, they have to be treated properly. Otherwise, you will find both natural and faux leather are prone to cracking, the latter more so. Don’t assume that if you have a ...
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Best Armchairs

As a matter of fact, any chair with arms qualifies as an armchair. It can be any chair, from an office chair to a Windsor chair, as long as the chair has armrests, it’s an armchair. However, it does not mean there are no chairs that could be named as best. That doesn’t cancel the fact the sheer number of parameters makes a choice more or less hard to make. Even the best armchair may be unsuitable for what you have in mind, simply because it’s ill-fit for that. [toc] Where You Want to Use the Chair There are several ways to sort armchairs. One of them is to determine what room would be t...
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How to Choose the Best Bean Bag Chair

With how bags of this type look and how they are constructed, some people have reasonable doubts concerning their status. Can even the best bean bag chair be considered furniture? Actually, yes, they can be, and they are. First designed and manufactured an Italian company, bean bag chairs are indeed recognized as furniture. A typical bean bag chair is pear-shaped and could also be described as a sack. However, the name is not derived from the shape of the chair or any other similar characteristics. In fact, it is tied to the filling of a bean bags, which traditionally comprised of beans. Ho...
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