Best Accent Chairs

What is an accent chair, anyway?

An accent chair is used to accentuate your room. It is often accentuated itself. The most typical feature of such a chair is chrome-plated nails, usually trimming the chair. Vibrant colors are another option.

An accent chair is meant to stand out, and the best of them can be used to organize space in a way you didn’t think was possible. They don’t do anything out of the ordinary, though, they are only meant for one thing only, being “an accent.” You can’t count on them doing all the work for you.

Where you need this chair

Accent chairs are primarily meant for large areas, but they can also be used in small areas to make it visually larger. Usually, people don’t need this type of chair in their bedroom room or dining room or office. They are, however, required in living rooms, or any other room with enough space. Outdoor use is also a possibility, but it’s always has something to do with a designer’s project, which would render any advice I can give null and void. A good designer can make even the most incompatible elements work together. But an accent chair is still a powerful tool they can use.

People who might enjoy the chair

An accent chair is a perfect tool to make your room better. No matter what you want to accomplish, there will be an accent chair that can help you with that, as long as what you want is somewhat reasonable, of course. Accent chairs come in all shapes and forms, and, alas, it is simply not possible to include all of them in this review.

If you like to stand out, if you want something that is unusual, an accent chair is just the thing for you. Even if nothing on this list appeals to you, there are still plenty of other good accent chairs you can buy.

People who would be better off without one

First things first, an accent chair is not meant to be exceptionally comfortable. It still would be, a good one at least, but comfort is not its primary function. Looks are far more important for the chair of this type. So if you value comfort more than other things when it comes to setting, you must be ready that even the best chair of this type might be something you will not be able to enjoy. Of course, you can still get a chair that is also comfortable, and a good chair will be, but the level of comfort might be below your expectations all the same. A little tip, do not equate the appearance of an accent chair to its ability to provide comfort

How an accent chair works

The thing with accent chairs, they don’t work by themselves. You have to make them work. All an accent chair does is draw attention, and even then, it only draws attention if you place it somewhere it can do that. Pace it amongst accent chairs of other types, and nothing will work out. They’ll just create an eclectic clash of styles.

Accent chairs work best when you need to seclude an area, visually, of course, though some of them can be more efficient. Using several accent chair of the same style may yield even better results. With their help, you will be able to separate several zones in your room.

Setting your priorities straight

Before you decide you need an accent chair, ask yourself if you do. An accent chair is a tool first and foremost, not just a piece of furniture. As a rule, accent chairs cost quite a bit, though not absurdly so. And their primary function is to attract attention. But sometimes, in some settings, it is best not to do that. An accent chair is capable of highlighting some shortcomings just as primary as it conceals others.

Besides, non-accent chair of similar price and quality can be more comfortable than a similar accent chair. It’s all about what is more important yo you. If an accent chair is something that you genuinely need, go ahead, and good luck!

5. Roundhill Furniture Blended Leather Tufted Accent Chair with Oversized SeatingRoundhill Furniture Blended Leather Tufted Accent Chair with Oversized Seating

What do you think an accent chair should be like? This product is a good option to consider one of the first.

It is perfect as an accent chair; it’s evident just from how it looks. It has a very unusual appearance, but at the same time, it lacks oddities that indeed draw attention but also might make an impression far from the best. None of that here.

At the same time, the armchair is not any less comfortable. It’s good both for, well, accent, but also the practicality of such. It is mostly suitable for a room in dark or light tones, but not pastel colors, unless you have beige wallpaper.

The chair contains high-quality, durable leather, which is part of what makes it so perfect for accentuating your design. Of course, the leather is faux, which is a serious drawback in the eyes of some but also an advantage for those who want to avoid animal cruelty in their lives.

You will also need to assemble this chair, so make sure to keep that in mind.

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4. Marion Quilted Leather Tub/Barrel Design Chair w/ Chrome Nailhead AccentsMarion Quilted Leather Tub/Barrel Design Chair w/ Chrome Nailhead Accents

Three color schemes will be enough to fit a chair of this type into any setting. The white chair already is a good fit for most rooms, the gray one cover the ones where a white chair looks a little bit more out of place, and the teal chair is a perfect match for exotic color schemes of all kinds, particularly for nautical and aquatic themes.  Such a vibrant color is not the most typical for a classy chair like this, but nothing is impossible when it comes to accent chairs.

Speaking of accents, the Marion chair has accents of its own. Its chrome nails make it looks exceptionally luxurious.

You can place this chair wherever you wish, it will look perfect anywhere, even in the middle or room. The quilted leather adds some mid-century flavor, while the overall design makes it look a bit more modern. In short, it is a perfect classy accent chair, but also somewhat pricey, though far from the most expensive non-luxury chair.

You might be glad to find out that you do not to assemble this chair yourself, it comes ready for usage.

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3. Madison Park Caitlyn Roll Back Accent ChairMadison Park Caitlyn Roll Back Accent Chair

A seemingly plain design does not make a chair plain. This is the case with this Madison Park chair. There’s no particular pattern, the upholstery is made from fabric, although the chair does contain some high-density foam for comfort, there’s not a hint of leather, and yet a single look is enough to understand this is a classy chair. The chore nail heads only add to this impression.

Although this chair comes in several color schemes, they are not what makes it unique. No, it is the very design of this chair. It allows organizing space efficiently, which is what accent chairs are meant for. This chair can create secluded settings wherever you want. But it’s a chair best suitable for open areas as well as tiny spaces.  If either of those is your case, consider purchasing this chair.

It is also comfortable, which is a quality any chair should possess. This one does.

Although the chair is not very cheap, it is still less expensive than some others.

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2. Divano Roma Furniture – Modern Mid Century Linen Accent ChairDivano Roma Furniture - Modern Mid Century Linen Accent Chair

The designers of this chair have taken an entirely different approach. The color is the what makes this chair accenting in the first place, while in many other chairs it’s just a bonus. The Linen Accent Chair comes in six color schemes, four of which are vibrant colors, and the rest are gray and light gray. The last two are meant for more picturesque settings than usual so that they would still accentuate them.

The chair requires that you assemble it, however, you will not have to do much, only minimum efforts are needed. The chair is also cheaper than other accent chair, though not by much.

Using color accentuation is an interesting concept, and it organizes space if you have a lot of it. Otherwise, I would recommend to look in another direction, any chair that uses chrome nails head for accent. That said, this chair is perfect for large areas, and it will help you to separate it into zones.

The chair has linen upholstery, as the name implies, and is very pleasant to the touch.

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1. Salazar Modern Design Accent Club ChairSalazar Modern Design Accent Club Chair

This is a perfect example of what a less trivial accent chair is like. This is a culmination of modern design and technology. It is a barrel tub chair, but very unlike the other chairs of this type reviewed in this article. It does not employ any standard solutions from the mid-century. That makes it very unorthodox, although, perhaps, not suitable for people who appreciate ultra-modern design. At the same time, it does use design solutions from the XX century, which makes it perfect for those who love the retro style but don’t mind a touch of futurism. Yes, a contradiction, but this particular chair comprises of them.

The Salazar Accent Chair has nothing to do with Harry Potter, but it does have something to do with clubs. It is a club chair, and it is not exclusively suitable for a living room. It is just as good for a bedroom or your office, although you’d need quite a few of them if it’s the latter. It is not a chair easy to match with another in a work setting.

The upholstery is made from microfiber, which is great to the touch, but the chair is also somewhat pricey. Not by much, but there are cheaper products.

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Bottom Line

Choosing an accent chair is not easy, primarily because one of the main functions of this type of chair is to accentuate a room. And there are many kinds of rooms.

This task is difficult not because it’s hard to find a chair, it’s hard because you need a chair that will improve your room.

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