Best Armchairs

As a matter of fact, any chair with arms qualifies as an armchair. It can be any chair, from an office chair to a Windsor chair, as long as the chair has armrests, it’s an armchair.

However, it does not mean there are no chairs that could be named as best. That doesn’t cancel the fact the sheer number of parameters makes a choice more or less hard to make. Even the best armchair may be unsuitable for what you have in mind, simply because it’s ill-fit for that.

Where You Want to Use the Chair

There are several ways to sort armchairs. One of them is to determine what room would be the most suitable for it.

For instance, there are armchairs best suitable for a living room, a bedroom, a dining room, a club and some other settings.

Leather armchairs are mostly suitable for clubs and living rooms, but less for bedrooms, and hardly suitable for dining rooms. Plastic chairs are typically most appropriate for a dining room, although not necessarily for them only.

People who might enjoy an armchair

Although an armchair is a very typical piece of furniture, it does not mean that every armchair is like another. If you like just to sit back and relax, a good club armchair might be exactly what you want for yourself.

A plastic armchair is not something people enjoy unless it has a very creative design, but it does have a lot of other attractive qualities, such as the price and weight. They are perfect for when you need to accommodate a lot of guests at a dinner table. There is a reason so many restaurants use plastic armchairs.

An accent armchair is something you want in your room. Yes, that ‘s right, that’s what accent chairs do.

Reasons not to buy an armchair

Not only are armchairs different, so are people. It is not easy to imagine here may be a reason to not but an armchair, but there are several.

As a rule, an armchair occupies a lot of room, unlike other types of chair. Obviously, if you don’t have too much room, perhaps, and armchair is not the best way to spend your money

Additionally, you may want to choose not to buy a particular type of armchair.

Types of armchair

The truth is, there are too many types of armchairs to count them. But it is possible to highlight several.

One of the most popular types is the club chair. A club chair is not a chair found in clubs, but they are quite suitable for them. It is a chair where you can read a newspaper, enjoy a good talk or simply sit back and relax.

A dinner chair can also be an armchair; these have very specific requirements. Such as, the narrower the are, the better they are suited for a dinner table.

There also are accent chairs, whose primary function is to look good, leather chairs, swivel chairs and many other types. They all have exactly one thing in common: they have armrests. But sometimes, that is enough.

Top 5 best armchairs

5. LexMod Prospect Button ArmchairLexMod Prospect Button Armchair

As we have found out, there are several typical styles of armchairs. It is more of a concept than anything else. But of course, this armchair is far greater than a mere idea. It a perfect Chesterfield style armchair, made from faux leather. You might have noticed it doesn’t have a high back, but it still has a back, as well as the armrests. The seat is incredibly cushy.

There is no reason to worry about animal cruelty if that’s an important factor to you. The “skin” is artificial. Nevertheless, the armchair does not look any less classy because of that. In fact, it is an utterly luxurious chair.

This armchair is an excellent choice for any situation with the expectation of a dining room. It might look out of place there. However, it is ideal for more formal setting, in fact, one of the best places to use this armchair would be an office or a living room.

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4. Medford Brown Leather Club ChairMedford Brown Leather Club Chair

This is not a chair for those who prefers vegan lifestyle. It is made from natural leather. Of course, that makes the chair super classy, very luxurious, but not everyone is ready to accept it. For those who are, you might enjoy it.

Made from brown bonded leather, the Medford club chair is perfectly suitable for a club, as the name implies, but of course, it is more than that. The chair is well padded which is perfect for those who like comfort. A living room? An office? All the better! All you have to do is to get this chair, and it will make your room a more luxurious looking place.

It is also a must if you have a lot of plants in your room because this chair accentuates them perfectly. Soft lighting highly recommended as it can provide better results.

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3. Arianna Swoop Wing Chair Blue MultiArianna Swoop Wing Chair Blue Multi

Can a piece of furniture be a center of your room? Can it draw the attention of anyone who enters there? Naturally, any chair is technically capable of that but not necessarily in a good way. Not the Arianna Swoop Chair. Eye-catching and majestic, it will make a perfect addition to your living room. The armchair is not very heavy, but nor is it lightweight. It is more or less traditional chair, although using it in a dining room is not recommended. It is still perfectly suitable for a bedroom.

The seat contains high-density foam. Thanks to that, the chair is extremely comfortable to seat. It makes relaxation easy, and isn’t that what many people are looking for in a chair?

That said, it is not a chair we would recommend for a room with a dark color scheme. It will be hardly noticeable there. Beige or white hues would be most suitable, however.

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2. Madison Park Camilla ChairMadison Park Camilla Chair

Not the most conventional piece of furniture, however, not the most exotic either. Chairs like this date back to the middle of the XX century. However, it is not a replica. The Madison Park Camilla Chair has some modern qualities, such as its tapered dowel legs and button back. It still doesn’t look ultra-modern, but it does not look hopelessly retro either.

It is a chair anyone can use almost anywhere. It is not outstanding, but it is a good reliable armchair. It lacks a high back, but it’s its only real downside, and even then it is mostly the design rather than anything else.

Is the chair durable? Definitely yes. It can easily support a full grown man, no matter how fragile it may look to you. Remember, looks can be deceiving.

This chair works in any environment, but a pastel room with a greenish hue would be the best fit.

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1. Madison Park Colton Track Arm Club ChairMadison Park Colton Track Arm Club Chair

With this luxury armchair, the color scheme is a non-issue, if only because it comes in ten color schemes of its own. Which is more than enough for most environments. It is technically a club chair, but, of course, a club is not the only type of situation you can use it in. It is perfectly suitable for reading a newspaper or watching TV. It may be too large for use at the dining table but not for anything else.

The chair does not contain leather, and that by itself makes it a cruelty-free product. Nevertheless, it is still a classy luxury chair. It is composed of hardwood, plywood and birch legs with a merlot finish. The nail trim makes the chair look ever more classic. A perfect match for a classic living room, although it could easily fit into a Victorian set up just as well.

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Top 3 best non-standard armchairs

What are non-standard chairs? They are very unconventional chairs that possess unusual shape, have distinctive qualities or simply are rare designer chairs. It is, perhaps, wrong to refer to them as armchairs, even though they are armchairs.
Still, these are perfect pieces of furniture. If you have something unusual in mind, consider purchasing one of these to match whatever it is you’re planning. Unorthodox doesn’t equal bad, far from it.

3. Poly and Bark Organic ArmchairPoly and Bark Organic Armchair

Want to save money? Want to go organic? If the answer is yes, going for this armchair would be the right answer.

Despite how modern it looks, the Organic Chair is not, in fact, a recent invention, and it can be traced back to the year 1940, although it was not manufactured until ten years later. Either way, this is a very old design.

The high back and arms come with foam for better support and more comfort. The chair is quite lightweight and is mostly organic, though the upholstery does contain some polyester.

The Organic Chair comes disassembled but assembling it doesn’t take much time. This chair has a very creative design and is usable in almost any setting. Although a living room would not be the best match for it unless it is already minimalist style. A patio, on the other hand, is a excellent match.

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2. Designer Modern Clear Arm ChairDesigner Modern Clear Arm Chair

These are plastic chairs, and they are cheap. Well, as cheap as plastic chairs can be. Nevertheless, they have some qualities that are enough to make them some of the best armchairs.

First of all, it’s the price. For a very moderate price, you get a dozen of them. Already a good deal. But that’s not all. The second thing worth paying attention to is their design, which is extremely unorthodox, hence why they are on this list at all.

These clear chairs, also called “ghost chairs,” are a perfect choice for a dining room. Expecting guests? Just grab some of these and put them where you want them. More guests? Get some more chairs.

Of course, they are not the best choice for a living room or a bedroom, but neither are they designed to. You should only get this set when you know you may be getting a lot of visitors sometime in the future. Otherwise, it would be better to get a chair of a different type.

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1. Set of 2, Plastic Armchair with Eiffel Legs Dinning Chair EamesSet of 2, Plastic Armchair with Eiffel Legs Dinning Chair Eames

More than 30 design options, that what you get to choose from when it comes to this set of Eames dining chairs. As the name implies, these chairs are indeed designed for dining, in fact, they are much better suited for it than some other, more traditional, dining chairs.

For a plastic chair, even a couple of them, the price may be somewhat high. On the other hand, these are Eames chair, a culmination of modern design and chair production technology. You will not find dents in these chairs, they are smooth, and you will love them. The plastic is UV-protected, which means the chairs can be easily used outside. The color will not change because of some sun exposure. The legs are made of chrome-plated steel and have a sophisticated wired structure.

These chairs are perfect for a dining room, but not exclusively so. A living room? Check. A bedroom? Check. Any setting will do. The designers did a magnificent job.

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Bottom Line

Too many a chair can be considered an armchair. In the end, not even a top 20 could be enough to list even a single product of a unique type. Therefore, what you have here is a mere approximation, only the best of the very best. Nothing less would suffice.

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