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Varieties of ball chairs

Some people may be encouraged by their friends, acquaintances, or commercials to get a ball chair, but do they really want one? The ads are usually more informative since they more often than not will come with an image so that you could figure out what this all is about. Googling, however, might return unexpected or plain wrong results. Because the first problem with ball chairs is not the process of choice, it’s just that three entirely different things are called that.

In general, when people talk about ball chair they mean either exercise balls used as chairs, yoga ball chairs or chairs with an egg-shaped shell.

Exercise Balls

Exercise balls can be used as chairs but they are not furniture. This is something you have to keep in mind. Of course, there are reasons for using them as if they were. The main of them is fitness. That’s right, just by sitting on an exercise ball you’re working out. You can probably can see how this can be beneficial. However, it still doesn’t make an exercise ball a proper chair.

Let’s see what such a make-shift chair can offer to you.

How Exercise Balls Are Used for Sitting

There is more than just one way to use an exercise ball as a chair. We all want to take a seat somewhere occasionally right? But what I’m talking about is using the ball as a chair for a relatively long period of time, not just sitting on it occasionally. Like, using it as an office chair.

And that’s where myths come in. What makes them so obtrusive is that they are not exactly incorrect, it’s just that disadvantages are never brought up. There are advantages to such practice, but are they worth it? Doubt it. Let me cite some facts.

Benefits of Using Exercise Balls for Sitting

Sitting on an exercise ball increases the amount of effort you need to make to sit straight. Compared to a traditional chair, a ball requires constant work of abdominal muscles, which increases their strength. That, in its turn, improves your posture and increases calorie burn. You have to change poses frequently as well.

Sounds great, right? Only, it’s not quite as good.

Why Sitting on an Exersice Ball at Work Is a Bad Idea

When you’re working, exercising at the same time might seem tempting. However, this kind of temptation should be resisted. Why? An exercise ball offers no support for lower back by design. The muscles are constantly active which can lead to sever back pains and fatigue. You don’t just sit on it, you shift your balance constantly. Great for fitness but not for work. Prolonged sitting on a fitness ball can lead to spinal shrinkage. The opposite of what you would call an improvement.

Therefore, it is best to use an exercise ball for just that, exercise. It is not a piece of furniture and should not be treated as such. Good for occasional sitting, they are not designed for more than that.

Now yoga ball chairs, on the other hand… but they deserve a review of their own.

Balance Ball Chairs

The distinction I make is artificial and willful, I admit it. I don’t think many people categorize these balls like that and simply call those types with interchangeable names. But I will make a clear linguistic distinction, if only for the sake of consistency. Since these ball chairs are designed for sitting and require a fram, calling them exercise balls is inaccurate. Nor is calling them yoga balls. Balance balls, however, still works. That’s what they are used for, even if the name fits a bit too loosely.

These are more suitable for sitting. The reason for that is that they are far more stable and also provide back support. Unlike an exercise ball proper, this kind of product is better for long-term sitting, although you may still find it far from the most comfortable. Or quite the opposite, if that turns out to be you preference.

They can offer some of the benefits an exercise ball can, except they don’t make you strain your muscles too much. Although it still requires some effort to sit on them.

Ball Chairs

Now that is a good piece of furniture. Ball chairs are just that, chairs. That said, they are not the most regular chair you can find.

A ball chair is an incomplete sphere with a soft seat inside. They offer perfect support, yes, and they look unusual but there’s more to them than that.  These chairs are created so that you could enjoy more privacy. A ball chair is sophisticated enough to be called a room within a room.

People Who Might Enjoy Having a Ball Chair

A ball chair, convenient as it is, is designed for style rather than necessity. It is not quite luxurious and in fact can appear minimalist but even then, it might cost more than ten thousand dollars in some online store. A bit too pricey for an average chair, but no ball chair is average. They are created for style and people who appreciate style.

A ball chair is a good purchase for artists, photographers, producers and people of similar professions. You don’t want to use one as an office chair or a chair for the dinner room though.

Reasons to not Buy a Ball Chair

One of the signs that you don’t need a ball chair is that you don’t actually know if you need a ball chair. A ball chair is a very unique type of chair, at least, if we’re talking about those that have a semi-spherical shape. Their main advantage, the reason people buy them, is their unique style. If you’re not sure about how this style would wrong for you, if you don’t know where to apply it so it wouldn’t clash, a ball chair is not for you. You can purchase it, of course, but will it work for you? Only if you know what you’re doing or have someone to give a good advice, applicable in your specific situation.

However, if you want to experiment a bit, that’s fine. In that case, you will undoubtedly find that a ball chair is a perfect means to organize space and introduce a modern vibe.

Bubble Chairs

A bubble chair’s design is similar to that of a ball chair, to the point it is easy to confuse them. However, there is a key difference. A bubble chair is suspended while a ball chair has a footing. That’s all there is to it. So don’t be surprise when someone uses the names interchangeably.

As a rule, bubble chairs tend to come with transparent walls, unlike most ball chairs. But this rule is far from strict. It is not unusual for manufacturers to experiment with design.

Peculiarities of Bubble Chairs

Bubble chairs are deisgned to be suspended. Therefore, you need to make sure you can do that. You’ll need strong bolting and a ceiling that would not collapse under the weight of the chair and the sitter. That said, a bubble chair is perfect for outdoors. You can easly hang it from a tree branch and enjoy the experience. A bubble chair will protect you from wind and keep you warmer. At the same time, you will be able to enjoy fresh air!

A bubble chair will be perfect for artists, photographers and other people who can appreciate art and unusual design, much like a ball chair.

Top 3 Fitness Balls

3. VersaBall PRO Stability BallVersaBall PRO Stability Ball

This stability ball is not very cheap and that’s why it will not be a very good purchase for sitting alone. However, if you’re planning to use it as a fitness ball as well, it will be just the thing for you. But sitting only? That would be a bit excessive to buy this ball for that. If, however, you want more than just that and fitness is very important for you, you’re welcome to order it.

Personally, I recommend to sit on it when watching TV. This should help you to both exercise and limit the time you spend before the screen. Sitting at a desk, however, does not sound like a good idea.

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2. Vitruvian Health and Fitness – Exercise Ball with Pump and Workout PosterVitruvian Health and Fitness - Exercise Ball with Pump and Workout Poster

As a fitness ball, this product from Vitruvian Health and Fitness is mostly designed for exercise. The seller recommends using it as a chair when working if you have low back pain. It will work but only short term. Sitting for hours might make the pain worse. Yes, I still want to remind you that an exercise ball is not a piece of furniture.

The ball contains no toxic materials. It is also latex-free and has a textured non-slip surface. That may prove useful for sitting.

The ball comes with a pump and it is not very expensive. A tip for a good dinner in an average restaurant might cost you more.

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1. PharMeDoc Balance Ball – Gym Quality 2300 lbs Anti-Burst Non-Slip Fitness BallPharMeDoc Balance Ball – Gym Quality 2300 lbs Anti-Burst Non-Slip Fitness Ball

This exercise ball is suited for sitting no better than the other ones but if you’re interested in fitness as such, it may be something you want to get for yourself.

The ball can withstand load more than 2000 pounds. It pretty handy, even the heaviest person in the world could sit on it without any worries. It’s not just the weight, the size and the shape of the load don’t really matter.

Thanks to the anti-burst technology, this exercise ball is rather resilient. You won’t have too worry about bursting it. And it’s good for fitness.

But when sitting comes in… Well, you know how it is. A couple of hours before a TV should be enough.

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Top 5 Fitness Ball Chairs

5. Sivan Health And Fitness Balance Ball Fit Chair Base with Ball & PumpSivan Health And Fitness Balance Ball Fit Chair Base with Ball & Pump

This fitness ball chair has one of the simplest designs. Essentially, it’s just a fitness ball on a fitness ball base. Nevertheless, such a construction does have advantages of its own. For instance, the ball is easy to replace, and if you need to use it as a fitness ball rather than for siting, it can easily be extracted and then reinserted when you no longer need it out of the chair. If you’re a tall person or simply like to sit high, you can also replace the ball with a bigger one. In that case, the absence of a back will prove useful as nothing would restrict the diameter of the ball.

The seat comes with 4 wheeled legs. Two of the wheels can be easily locked if you choose limiting the chair’s mobility but also making it more stable.

The chair is not particularly costly, but a fitness ball without a base would cost you less. However, this product is much better suitable for sitting than a fitness ball.

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4. Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Fit Chair with ball and pumpSivan Health and Fitness Balance Fit Chair with ball and pump

This chair’s base is relatively sophisticated as it comes with a back. This might not seem like too much of an improvement but there’s one thing that has to be understood: a chair must support the back. Exceptions are possible but usually not welcome.

Yes, I will be the first to admit that sitting on furniture is not natural for us. But neither is reading. Or writing. Or even sleeping on a mattress. Back support is something we need because, in this day and age, we need to sit so much it just would not be healthy without either special training or back support.

The two lockable wheels will prevent undesired movements without removing the seat’s mobility entirely. The ball is replaceable, however, the back of the chair prevents installation of oversized fitness balls. I recommend to not replace it.

As for the price, it is rather average compared to the other fitness ball chairs. Since it comes with a back, it makes it much more suitable for long-time sitting than some other seats of this type.

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3. Ergonomic Inflatable Ball Chair with Luxurious Faux Fur Cover and Stand in Ivory- Includes a sturdy metal base/standErgonomic Inflatable Ball Chair with Luxurious Faux Fur Cover and Stand in Ivory- Includes a sturdy metal base/stand

This particular fitness ball chair is rather unusual, to the point it’s hard to call it that. I don’t even think I have to explain why, a single glance should be enough for anybody to come to the same conclusion. I mean, it’s fluffy, guys! Well, not really. In reality, it just comes with a removable faux fur cover, which is also machine washable. A nice bonus, if anything. This also means that you can still replace the ball if something happens to it, although you’d have to make sure it matches the cover.

Unlike a typical yoga ball chair, this one is used primarily for seating. It is extra-comfortable to seat on, at least, compared to other fitness ball chair, since it is rather warm and pleasant to the touch even with bare legs.

It would perfect but it can only hold up to 350 pounds and it has no back support. The faux fur is made from a synthetic fabric rather than wool, which makes it unpleasant to some people. Otherwise, it is a very good seat with a solid base. Not an expensive one either.

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2. The ERGO Chair – an Ergonomic Exercise Ball ChairThe ERGO Chair - an Ergonomic Exercise Ball Chair

This chair is extremely unusual compared even to the fluffy fitness ball chair. Oh, there is nothing unusual about the surface of the ball. The shape, on the other hand, is not something you’d see every day. To the point it’s not that accurate to call it a ball, it is more like an egg in shape.

Unlike many fitness ball chairs, this one can easily be called ergonomic. Resons? The egg-shape allows for better comfort and a deeper cushion. The chair does to take up too much space, either, unlike fitness ball chairs with a spherical shape. That means you can fit it into a smaller desk.

With a typical balance ball chair, it’s hard to change the height. Not with this one. It can easily accommodate people from 5’1” to 6’3”. It also offers lower back support, although it is not quite as good compared to some other models.

The price, however, is above average, which can be a deal-breaker for many people, and that is why some other fitness ball chairs can be considered a better deal than this one, even if they are objectively worse.

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1. Safco Products 4750PI Zenergy Ball ChairSafco Products 4750PI Zenergy Ball Chair

Unlike simple fitness chairs, the Zenergy Ball Chair is just that, a chair, even though a very unusual one. It comes without back support. Rather bouncy, as expected from a fitness ball, the Zenergy Ball Chair can be quite enjoyable, especially for children. Bouncing should also help you in training.

The anti-burst ball is covered with 100% polyester mesh fabric to ensure better friction and make the seat more pleasant aesthetically. The height of the seat is 23 inches when inflated, however, it can be significantly lower when occupied.

For powder coated steel wheeled legs offer some stability and mobility, decreasing muscle tension to tolerable levels. I would still not recommend this chair for long-term use by those who have severe back problems. It may fail to alleviate them in that case. However, the Zenergy Ball Chair can do wonders short-term and might be beneficial. On the other hand, if you have no back problem, this chair will keep it that way.

The chair is not the cheapest of them all, but it is more than suitable for sitting.

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Top 5 Ball Chairs

5. RetroMod Ball ChairRetroMod Ball Chair

A very expensive chair, the RetroMod Ball Chair ships fully assembled, and you won’t have to try to figure out how to do that yourself and risk breaking something. The price is huge, but you get a lot perks, and the fully assembled chair is only one of them.

The chair’s shell is made from molded fiberglass, which makes it exceptionally strong. Even some cars these days have fiberglass in their construction!

Additionally, it is a 360-degree swivel chair.

I would call it the best chair had it not been expensive. This is a product you should not impulse-buy. Make sure you know what you’re doing. Do have a place where you’d keep it in mind? Do you really appreciate this style? Will it clash with the style of the living room?

If you’re planning to use this chair outdoors, I would advise against it. The red finish is suitable for rooms with a dark or warm theme but it would clash horribly with the color of grass and foliage. Unless you’re going to use it in the fall when tree leaves turn yellow or you have a way to work around the clash, this should be a strictly indoors chair.

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4. Stilnovo Ball ChairStilnovo Ball Chair

If what you’re looking for in a ball chair is isolation, then this is just the thing for you. It is simply perfect for muffling all the sounds around you. Ideal for creating impeccable working conditions. However, that alone was not enough to present this chair as one of the best. After all, most other ball chairs has the same feature, too.

What makes it better than the other chairs is the materials it is constructed from. Not only does it include fiberglass, it also comprises of aluminum, “the flying metal”.

The seat height is sixteen inches and a half, and this parameter cannot be altered. Still, this is not truly a drawback as the ball itself is positioned very close to the floor. The chair also requires assembly, although minimal.

The interior is well-padded, which serves both your comfort and privacy. The seat and back of the chair itself have a wool-polyester blend fabric upholstery.

It wouldn’t be wrong to call this chair a nest because that’s what it resembles. It would work well in light-themed rooms and outdoors as well. The beige color scheme would be perfectly accentuated by the grass. However, you have to keep in mind that this is an expensive chair.

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3. Designer Modern Ball Acrylic Chair with Silver CushionDesigner Modern Ball Acrylic Chair with Silver Cushion

Thing most unusual about this chair is that it has a transparent shell, much like bubble chairs. Unlike them, however, this one comes with a footing. It cannot offer the same level of privacy a other ball chairs, however, it does its job at muffling sounds well.

The chair’s shell is made from acrylic rather than fiber glass. It may not be quite as sturdy but it is definitely much more affordable thanks to that. It is still built solid, looks great and, on top of that, can provide a high level of comfort. I would have said it is a perfect budget chair if it was mediocre, but it’s too good to be called “budget” even though it is cheaper than most. No, it’s better than that, this is one of the most economical ball chair you can find online. Ball chairs are often outrageously expensive. This one? Still costly but not outrageously so.

Due to the see-through shell, it should be a good match for almost any interior. It’s the color of the seat that might clash with the style of your living room, but it is easy enough to replace. You can also put a blanket in there and simply enjoy yourself.

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2. Kardiel Modern Ball ChairKardiel Modern Ball Chair

This Kardiel Modern Ball Chair is a perfect chair for commercial use.  Some ball chairs are to extravagant to offer them to your partners at a business meeting. The Kardiel chair, however, is extremely minimalist and does not stand out… too much. The shape of the shell is still very unusual but this is the only detail that will draw attention.

The cushions are fire-resistant. Although at this day and age you would be hard-pressed to find flammable furniture unless it is handcrafted and homemade, these cushions actually reduce the rate of burning in general thanks to their treatment.

The chair comes with leatherette upholstery. Thanks to that, it looks great, does not cost too much, and cruelty-free, unlike any furniture comprising natural leather.

Naturally, this chair comes with a 360-degree swivel, which is rather important for business meetings to ensure a certain degree of mobility. The chair rotates very smoothly. The base of the chair has a floor protector, which should always be necessary.

This white chair will be a perfect addition to almost any office, although I don’t recommend using it as a desk chair. Meetings, however, are what the Kardiel chair will be perfect for. Even if the room is relatively dark, the chair will accent it perfectly.

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1. Eero Aarnio Ball Chair by Tribeca ModernEero Aarnio Ball Chair by Tribeca Modern

Tribeca Modern’s classic Eero Aarnio bal chair will be a perfect addition to your room’s interior. Carefully padded and designed, this will be something for your eyes to rest on, not just your body. The fabric is 100% cotton, no synthetics. Not as durable but definitely more natural. The shell is made of fiber glass.

This is the same design that has been originally introduced. Nevertheless, it’s yet to get old. Even now, in 2016, the Eero Aarnio design is something futuristic in appearance, even though this design is older than some of us.

Some would expect the price to be outrageous because the chair is fiberglass, surprisingly, it is as cheap as you can get with this type of chairs. Quality-wise, however, it is not the best of the best, but still very decent. The chair comes with a swivel.

This is not a chair for outdoors, definitely not. I would advise to use it in a light room with a warm color scheme to accentuate it in the best possible way. Make sure to not overload the chair, it is sturdy but not as sturdy as some other models.

If you have a fireplace, this chair could be ideal to create an eclectic anachronistic design.

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Top 3 Bubble Chairs

3. Designer Modern Eero Aarnio Style Hanging Sexy Bubble Ball ChairDesigner Modern Eero Aarnio Style Hanging Sexy Bubble Ball Chair

Almost the same design as some of the chairs in the review, however, “almost” is the key word. After all, this is a bubble chair. As for the similarity, it is to be expected since the bubble chair has the same Eero Aarnio design as simple ball chairs.

The chair is made from acrylic and has a polished chrome base. It also comes with a sealing chain nine feet long, which makes it possible to suspend it from a tree branch rather than special anchors.

This is a very high-quality replica of the original chair, and it’s not particularly expensive to boot. Less than some ball chairs would cost.

I recommend using this chair outdoors first and foremost unless you don’t have access to trees big enough to support the weight of the chair with a person in it. If you do, this will be the ideal solution. This particular design is greatly compatible with most exteriors, although it might not work that great during winter.

That said, this chair by Designer Modern should be a good match for interiors as well. You have to make sure that your ceiling is strong enough but if it is, this should be simply perfect. I would particularly recommend it for a private library or a personal study.

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2. Designer Modern Bubble Chair By Eero Aarnio 1968 with Green Cushion with Hanging Stand IncludedDesigner Modern Bubble Chair By Eero Aarnio 1968 with Green Cushion with Hanging Stand Included

This bubble chair is a cross between a bubble chair as such and and a ball chair. A perfect marriage of both Eero Aarnio styles. You no longer need to worry about how strong your ceiling is or if you will be able to find a tree with a strong enough branch, the chair comes with a hanging stand.

It is just as transparent as other bubble chairs and just as good. It doesn’t need any special care. It can be used just after you purchase it. Installation is not complicated, unlike with other bubble chairs.

There are many ways to use this chair. The person inside would be perfectly isolated from most of the sounds and could enjoy a book or a private phone conversation in peace. This chair would be a perfect for a library, no necessarily even a private one. In fact, several such chairs would serve to isolate the readers from each other better, without actually eliminating the possibility of eye contact. Even such a big no-no as conversations become acceptable because no one can be disturbed by them.

I would not recommend this chair for a living room or parlor, a simple Eero Aarnio ball chair would fit in much better. Still, perhaps this chair would work perfectly with the design of your house. Do note that it is slightly more expensive than some bubble chairs.

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1. Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair from Designer SeatingEero Aarnio Bubble Chair from Designer Seating

This chair is acrylic and much cheaper than some other bubble chairs. Unlike most, its shape is a little bit shallower compared to the norm, however, that is not necessarily a bad thing. It does not impede the airflow to the extent a typical bubble chair does. And it is still capable of isolating you from all the unwelcome sounds.

The product comes with an eight-feet long chain. Not quite what you’d expect from some other bubble chairs but more than enough for everyday purposes.

The chair is perfect both for indoors and outdoors. It may not be very useful if it’s rainy, but if you cover the open end with a transparent film you will find that bad weather makes this chair exceptionally cozy. Even in a house, this will be a good chair to enjoy when it’s raining outside.

Despite its relatively low price, the chair looks rather chic. It will work well with exotic designs, although not too exotic, they have to be able to incorporate modern elements, such as this chair, smoothly. It is also a perfect purchase for a kids room, as long as it’s either very flashy and bright or relatively strict. Remember that this chair accentuates any compatible style, and you will be more than happy with it.

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