Best Beach Chair for Your Comfort

Going to the beach is something anyone can enjoy. That is a place where anyone can enjoy himself or herself. Sun, and waves, and warmth, and more sun… However, is it always about that? Can all that be enough?

It is never enough. Even if you get the best beach chair, it’s still not going to be enough. However, lying back in a beach chair is certainly better than lying on the sand. If anything, it’s more hygienic. So let’ find out what beach chair will be the best for you.

What a Beach Chair Should Be Like

A beach chair must possess certain qualities regardless of what you expect from it. Even if some of the qualities are not required due to the circumstances, a beach chair must possess them.

One of the qualities is little weight. Indeed, a beach chair should weigh as little as possible, because it is very likely you’ll have to carry it around. That’s going to be quite annoying, but if the chair weighs a lot, it then becomes simply unbearable. A foldable chair may weigh more, while an unfoldable one should be even more lightweight.

Another essential quality is recline. The back of a beach chair should either have the ability to be reclined or be reclined by at least 60 degrees if the chair has no movable parts.

What a Beach Chair Should Not Have

Some qualities and features are not meant to be present in a beach chair. If they are, in fact, present, that may damage their performance.

For one, a beach chair must never be upholstered. An upholstered chair cannot be considered a beach chair. Of course, it doesn’t mean such a chair might have no fabric in its construction. On the contrary, as a rule, beach chairs come with a fabric seat and back, only the cheaper models offer seats and backs of plastic. However, that is not the same thing as upholstery.

Top 5 Best Beach Chairs

5. Big Kahuna Beach ChairBig Kahuna Beach Chair

This chair is definitely nothing impressive. It’s not even that cheap. More than that, it’s made in China, which is often enough of a reason for some Americans to reconsider purchasing a product. What’s the catch, then? It’s lightweight, has a sturdy frame and a fascinating design. Nothing unique, mind you, but interesting nonetheless.

The chair may look like it’s small. However, that’s an illusion. It’s quite big and is, in fact, extra-wide. Rather than plastic, it is constructed from aluminum, which, although a lightweight and soft metal, is durable enough to withstand a person who weighs up to 250 pounds. The chair itself only weighs eight.

The Big Kahuna Beach Chair is foldable and comes with many peculiar features. For instance, the seat is elevated 10 inches off the ground, and the back can be easily unfolded all the ways down. The chair has a towel bar, a cup holder, a zippered pouch, and a carry handle. Plus, it has a very refreshing pattern.

A good chair, but it is not very popular. If you want to get something more time-tested, consider other options.

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4. Coleman Utopia Breeze Beach Sling ChairColeman Utopia Breeze Beach Sling Chair

A very straightforward and functional design is this beach chair’s winning card. It is very lightweight, only five point three pounds. Even a child could carry this chair with no problems, and this chair is designed for adults.

The chair is quite cheap but, on the other hand, it cannot offer much other than being a good chair. Still, it comes with some extra features.  It has a seatback pocket, a mesh cup holder (not very stable but still suitable for the task) and a carry bag, which can be carried over the shoulder. The entire set weighs 6.1 lbs.

The chair can be folded. However, it’s rather stiff, so some of you may find it lacking. This is not something that can be easily remedied. However, it would not be a wise move to expect more from a chair this cheap, anyway.

The seat is very low to the ground, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, depending on what you prefer. It will be preferable for those people who like stretching out while lying.

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3. Zero Gravity Black Lounge Patio ChairsZero Gravity Black Lounge Patio Chairs

At times, low price does not automatically mean low quality. Such as in these beach chairs.  Although not expensive, they are some of the best, not only due to their price and quality ratio but due to their design and construction.

To say these chairs are comfy is to say nothing. The word “comfy” doesn’t even begin to describe them. Just one feature is enough to single them out: each chair comes with a well-padded headrest on the seat back. The headrests are easy to remove or adjust, which means you can do anything you want with them should you wish so.

The seats themselves are made from black mesh fabric, which looks quite stylish. It will make the chairs look simply perfect, especially on white sand, if only because of the contrast they will create. Both the fabric and the frames are durable and are held together by a bungee system, which enables the chairs to withstand the weight of 250 pounds each.

Seats are made from UV-resistant mesh materials that have a weight capacity of 250 lbs. However, such durability comes at a cost. The chairs are quite heavy since the frames are made from steel. Otherwise, their seats, protected from UV radiation, will make your time at the beach much more pleasurable.

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2. Rio Brands Lace Up Aluminum Backpack ChairRio Brands Lace Up Aluminum Backpack Chair

A good and reliable backpack beach chair, although some people might believe otherwise. It is not made in the US, and that alone might be enough to make a decision for some.  For those, however, who cannot be easily swayed by the country of origin of a product, it might make a perfect purchase.

This foldable chair can be easily adjusted to 4 positions. That’s impressive, compared to most beach chairs. However, some other models can offer more. On the other hand, this chair is not expensive at all.

The seat is made of polyester, the frame from aluminum, and the chair can easily support a person up to 250 lbs thanks to that. Of course, these are not the only qualities worth paying attention to. Let us not forget about the molded arms, made from plastic, the headrest, the pouch and the cup holder. While not unusual, many beach chairs come without any of these things, which are what makes such chairs more comfortable.

Also, this chair is not just comfortable to seat on. It is also very comfortable to take with you as you go, thanks to its backpack straps. There is a reason this chair is called a “Backpack Chair.” If you have to spend some time getting to the beach, this chair is for you.

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1. Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair with Storage Pouch and Towel BarTommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair with Storage Pouch and Towel Bar

A steel frame is not a requirement if one wants to build a durable chair, capable of supporting a big person. This chair is a proof of that. Although it is constructed from aluminum rather than steel, it can withstand 300 lbs. At the same time, it is not unusual for a steel frame to only suitable for 250 pounds. Of course, the quality and the material of the seat also matter when it comes to this. Nevertheless, this chair is still superior to many chairs with a steel frame.

Speaking of durability, the seat and the backseat are made from 600 Denier polyester, which is very durable fabric. This, without a doubt, contributes to the chairs already remarkable qualities. It is part of the reason the chair can withstand a three hundred pound person.

Of course, durability is not the only thing this chair can boast. First, not only is it a folding chair, but it is also adjustable, having five reclining positions in total. Second, it comes with a storage pouch and a couple of pockets, as well as a cup holder.

On top of all that, it is very easy to carry, as it has both a carry handle and shoulder straps so that you could wear it similarly to a backpack.

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Bottom Line

It is not impossible to find beach chairs made from either plastic or wood. However, such chairs should probably not be called “beach” chair. They may be suitable for other outdoor activities; however, beach chairs are meant for relaxing first and foremost.

The frames of the best beach chair are mostly made from aluminum or steel. There’s little difference between them. However, aluminum is much lighter and rust-proof by nature, while steel frames are heavier, may or may not get rusty, and, on the upside, are far more durable, unless they are constructed with too little metal.

In the end, the choice is yours.

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