How to Choose the Best Bean Bag Chair

With how bags of this type look and how they are constructed, some people have reasonable doubts concerning their status. Can even the best bean bag chair be considered furniture? Actually, yes, they can be, and they are. First designed and manufactured an Italian company, bean bag chairs are indeed recognized as furniture.

A typical bean bag chair is pear-shaped and could also be described as a sack. However, the name is not derived from the shape of the chair or any other similar characteristics. In fact, it is tied to the filling of a bean bags, which traditionally comprised of beans. However, these days, a bean bag can also be filled with expanded polystyrene bead or similar substance, such as PVC pellets.

Purpose and Benefits of a Bean Bag Chair

A bean bag chair is an anatomic chair. It is quite amorphous due to its structure and takes the shape of the user’s body. At the same time, it is less sophisticated than a chair made from more innovative materials, which means, it may cost much lower.

Such a chair can offer a perfect opportunity to rest. Not only that, thanks to the generally shapeless nature, a bean bag chair can be easily squeezed in where you want it, as long as that place is not too small. Standard chairs cannot offer you the same thing. Either they fit in, or they don’t. If they don’t, there’s nothing you can do, short of getting a new chair. A bean bag chair, however, is not like that.

Disadvantages of a Bean Bag Chair

To every upside, there’s a downside. Bean bag chairs are not an exception to this. To begin with, while they are amorphous, they still take a lot of space. A standard chair doesn’t. Sure, the area it occupies may be large, but it only comprises of four legs, a seat, and a back. A bean bag chair is, however, a bag first and foremost. It takes up all the volume. This is especially critical for transportation and storage.

Additionally, a bean bag chair, while ergonomic, cannot compete against such materials as latex or memory foam. Of course, many traditional chairs do not have any kind of cushion, and very few actually contain more luxurious materials.

When to Choose a Bean Bag Chair

Bean bag chairs are quite popular. However, not many people use them compared to those who prefer more traditional variants.

The reason for that is that such chairs look very unorthodox. But they do have two primary purposes, each of which can be enough to get such a chair.

The first purpose is practicality. Bean bag chairs make relaxation easy. They are amorphous, which offers some opportunities on its own, they are perfect for gaming and watching movies.

Bean Bag Sizes

Bean bags are very unlike traditional chairs. Even in their sizes.

Traditionally, the size of bean bag is defined by its base, which is round or oval most of the time. A bean bag chair can have a 4”x4” base, a 7”x3.5” base, a 5”x”5 base or, indeed, any other base. It is not unusual for them to be enormous, 8”x8” chairs are surely an oddity, but they exist. Even though it’s hard to call them that.

Top 5 Best Bean Bag Chairs

5. Chill Bag – Bean Bags Bean Bag PillowChill Bag - Bean Bags Bean Bag Pillow

This chair comes in nine color schemes, enough to satisfy most customers. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. This chair is also cheap, without being junky. But remember, it is only cheap compared to other bean bag chairs. Otherwise, its price is average at least.

The cover of the chair can be taken off and machine-washed. The chair has some memory foam in it, which makes it even more ergonomic than a typical bean bag chair.

The chair is not very large, but again, only compared to most standard chairs. It does take a lot of space. At the same time, it is hardly capable of accommodating several people, which is one of the purposes bean bag chairs are used.

All in all, it is a good match for those who need a comfy semi-sofa chair that could be used for watching movies and relaxation. An excellent choice for a living room. Do note that the chair is well-sewn and will not come apart you accidentally tug it.

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4. Cozy Sack 5-Feet Bean Bag ChairCozy Sack 5-Feet Bean Bag Chair

This model if, well, baggier than most bean bag chairs. No surprise the company’s name is Cozy Sack, there is no better way to describe this chair.

Due to its structure, it is indeed very cozy. It is also large, approximately six by five feet, though slightly lower than that. That means this chair is only a good choice if you’ve got a lot of space. If you plan to use it in the basement, that can be exactly what you need. Perhaps, something you needed all along.

The chair comes in more than a dozen color varieties, which is more than enough for most of us. The microfiber cover of the chair can be easily removed for machine washing.

This chair could also be used for a living room. However, it lacks the finesse of most bean bags. It will look out of place in a less casual setting.

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3. Sofa Sack – Bean Bags Bean Bag ChairSofa Sack - Bean Bags Bean Bag Chair

A very cheap 60”x60” bag chair. That makes it large, but not quite as large as some others chairs of this type. It is nevertheless little different from the other bags you can find on Amazon. But there is some difference, and it must be addressed.

First of all, this chair looks very tidy and neat. It is definitely suitable both for a living room or basement, but it ca also be used in private quarters, especially by students. Why not add a touch of personality when you have the chance? The chair is sleek and soft, and it is a perfect means to personalize your room. The cover is very durable, so you don’t have to worry about damaging it on accident.

If you want to get a home theater or already have one, this piece of furniture will serve as a perfect supplement. Just make sure to get several of them, one for yourself and the rest of your friends and family.

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2. Chill Bag – Bean Bags Giant Bean BagChill Bag - Bean Bags Giant Bean Bag

A six-feet bean bag chair that comes in 16 color scheme is definitely a prize worth pursuing. Even if said prize isn’t exactly cheap. After all, it is quite large. To call it a chair is not inaccurate, but it’s definitely capable of accommodating more than just one person. And not just capable but actually designed that way.

It is partially memory foam, so expect superb performance.

While it is possible to use this chair in a basement, a living room would be far more appropriate in most cases. The Giant Bean Bag is just too good to hide it in the basement. It is something you can brag about. It is something your friends will enjoy.

Of course, it stands to reason that the cover can be removed and washed separately. Only, make sure that the filling stays in one place when you’re doing your laundry.

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1. Comfy Sacks Memory Foam Bean Bag ChairComfy Sacks Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair

Do you like variety? How about 38 color schemes to choose from? Because that’s what you will be dealing with if you set your eyes on this chair. But if you don’t like to choose, perhaps, a good advice might help you. You will not make a mistake if you choose the White Furry. That particular variety is both warm, comfy, cute and fluffy. At the same time, it is extremely durable.

The chair is made in the US, and, as some of the other chairs in this review, comprises of memory foam. It makes it ideal for people with back problems.

Much like the other chairs of this type, it is perfect for a basement or a living room. Not only that; it is also well-suited for gaming and watching movies. In fact, it is the number one choice of some gaming magazines. You will never regret buying this chair, even if it is somewhat expensive. But not too much.

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Most bean bag chairs take a lot of space, but only by design. Those of them that can accommodate more than one person cannot be too small, to begin with. As you can see, many of such chairs are 5”x5” large. However, 6”x6” chairs run very close and can be found just as often.

Four-feet chairs are not unusual. However, many people are dissatisfied with them, which is the reason they rarely make it into the tops. That does not, however, mean they cannot be a top-tier. It’s just that most people expect a bigger chair when it comes to this particular type.

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