Best Camping Chair

A camping chair is just that, something you take with you for camping. But you can’t just take any chair with you. You can’t even take a lounge chair or any other chair you’d use outdoors. There are certain things people expect from furniture they take with them, and standard chairs can’t give that.

That is why a special camping chair is needed. It is by no means the most important thing, but you shouldn’t ignore them either.

What a Camping Chair Should Be Like

There are a few features any camping chair must possess. One of them is little weight. The less a camping chair weighs, the better. Unlike stationary furniture, any chair for outdoor settings tends to be dragged around a lot. Camping chairs, on the other hand, travel with their owners for miles. That’s part of the reason as to why many campers abandon chair entirely. Mount-climbing, for instance, is a fight for every ounce. Even an ultra-light chair may not cut it, to speak nothing of something heavier.

Top 5 Best Camping Chairs

5. Kelty Low Loveseat ChairKelty Low Loveseat Chair

This is not just a camping chair, and the name is enough of a hint. Indeed, it can offer you what many other chairs cannot: it’s broad enough to accommodate two people.  Of course, they don’t have to be a couple. What matters is that it is a foldable bench for when you don’t have a bench to sit on.

And there’s more than that. The chair comes with a multi-position recliner, which is not something not many chairs have, to begin with. A couple of cup holders the product comes with are a nice bonus, but that’s about it.

It’s only natural that a chair like this can withstand a load of 400 lbs, although it can be considered not too much if we take into account the fact the chair is designed for two people. On the other hand, most people would choose a single chair anyway.

The frame is made from steel. However, the chair only weighs 15.4 pounds due to the unique design.

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4. Browning Camping Strutter Folding ChairBrowning Camping Strutter Folding Chair

Not all people are content with just camping, even if they spend a lot of time in the forest. Which means, they may have their own requirements for camping chairs. Some of such people are hunters. They don’t need too much, but they need to stay unnoticed. And the thing that helps them with that is camouflage. If they bring a chair along, then it should be a camo chair.

And that’s exactly what the Browning Camping Strutter Folding chair is.

As a hunting chair, the Strutter chair’s seat is rather low-sitting, which helps the hunter to keep close to the ground. The chair is durable and comes in two sizes. TI can easily withstand 300 pounds.

It stands to reason the chair does not glitter at all, the metal of the frame is covered with light-absorbing powder. Don’t be afraid to spook your prey with an accidental reflection, for there will be none. This is a chair you can take with you to ambush your game, rather than simply rest by your tent.

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3. Slumberjack Big Steel ChairSlumberjack Big Steel Chair

Weighing only 12 pounds, the Slumberjack chair has a weight capacity of 325 lbs. More than enough for most people. And it’s only a single person chair. More than that, although it’s a camping chair, it can easily double as a desk chair. Not something I would recommend for a formal setting. However, if you work at home or merely spend some time at the computer, then this chair is something you might want consider purchasing. Since it’s a foldable chair, storing it won’t be an issue.

The seat and the back are made from 600 denier PVC. Combined with the steel frame, that’s what makes this chair as durable as it is. The chair’s armrests are wrapped in the same fabric, and while it does not contribute to the structure of the chair, it does make it more pleasant to the touch.

It is a chair you should take with you when going camping. While it lacks features available in beach chairs, such as cup holder, it isn’t a beach chair. Why pair for the features you won’t need? Only get what you need.

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2. KingCamp Low Sling Beach Camping Folding Chair with Mesh BackKingCamp Low Sling Beach Camping Folding Chair with Mesh Back

If you’re not sure if you need a beach chair or a camping chair, why not take a chair that can be considered both? Like this one.

It is a perfect foldable chair for outdoors. It only weighs 6.6 pounds, which means you can take it anywhere you go. At the same time, it has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, above the average 250 pounds, thanks to its all-steel frame. Not much, but even such a difference still matters.

The chair comes with a nice shoulder strap, so you don’t have to ponder over how you to carry it.

The chair has a mesh back for better airflow. A good feature to have in hot climates, which also contributes to its performance as a beach chair. The chair is comfy. Even the armrests are wrapped in foam, to improve your experience. With the cup holder, resting will never be more comfortable.

The only thing that is not perfect is the color. There’s little to no variety, but if function is more important than appearance to you, don’t let it discourage you.

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1. Coleman Aluminum Deck ChairColeman Aluminum Deck Chair

Price is often one of the most important factors to consider. And that’s what makes this chair so attractive to many consumers. It’s cheap and, at the same time, possess high quality and a number of features found in more expensive camping chairs.

This Coleman chair weighs less than 8 lbs but has a weight capacity of more than 200 lbs. This isn’t the best ratio, but it’s still reasonable.

The chair comes with inbuilt straps that allow carrying it like a backpack. The back is well-padded, as are the armrests.

Being comfortable is not enough for a camping chair. Thankfully, it can give you more than just that. Eating outdoors has never been more pleasant. The chair comes with a side table (which also includes a cup holder) seamlessly integrated into it.

The fabric is water-resistant. And while aluminum from which the frame is made is not stronger than still, it’s definitely more rustproof. If you expect to travel for a long time, it would be best to buy a chair like this.

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Bottom Line

A camping chair is not the same thing as a beach chair, but they have a lot in common. Some chairs can, in fact, be used as beach chairs and camping chairs at the same time.

But you shouldn’t misapply your preferences. If you want a camping chair, that means that you don’t need airflow as much as with a beach chair, but you’ll probably need a stronger frame. The weight is less of an issue unless you are going hiking. Usually, however, people don’t travel on food when they are camping.

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