Best Leather Chairs

Things All Leather Chairs Have in Common

No matter if the chair is made from faux leather or natural leather, some things make them alike. The texture, for instance, is almost identical.

Leather, no matter how natural it is, is always great to the touch. It always makes a room look better, more classy. An office leather chair is perfect for a formal setting.

Of course, leather chairs all have similar drawbacks. For instance, they have to be treated properly. Otherwise, you will find both natural and faux leather are prone to cracking, the latter more so. Don’t assume that if you have a natural leather chair, all you have to do now is just sit back and relax. You can do so, yes, but if you do not clean your chair, you may find it makes a good depot for bacteria.

Faux Leather Chairs

Many of the so-called leather armchairs are in fact made from faux leather. That doesn’t however, mean such chairs are counterfeit. Indeed, some people would prefer it that way. For several reasons, not just not to contribute to animal cruelty, which is a concern for many households these days. Faux leather is less expensive than natural leather, and that makes it easier to replace. Additionally, faux leather may have colors impossible for natural leather, and it can even be safer, depending on the type of leather.

All in all, it is, in fact, a standard budget solution. Many people prefer it that why, which is way chairs upholstered with faux leather are much easier to come by, as well as more affordable. There are also luxury varieties still, so if you don’t want a natural leather chair but would like to show off your wealth, all the same, a chair of this type is a good match.

Natural Leather Chair

The very word “natural leather” is sometimes enough to sell a chair, although it’s still a deal-breaker for other people. Natural leather always means class, and the only time it’s not sufficient is either when a person wants nothing to do with a leather chair in the first place, or they can’t afford it. Of course, things like the design and the size still matter, but the material is essential all the same.

A chair made from natural leather is not something you will see every day. And not many people would buy them for use at home. However, it is not unusual to find a chair like this in an office of a respectable company, though some of them prefer a more modernistic approach.

Natural leather also does not peel off as faux leather might.

Recommended Settings

There are several settings perfectly compatible with a leather chair. Not least of which is an office or business setting. Indeed, that is where a leather chair is exactly what you need to give your partners a message, to let them know you’re someone who knows what they are doing. A leather chair is not the only thing you will need for that, it may not even be the first one, but proper furniture is still necessary.

A living room is also a great match for such a chair, especially one with a Victorian style, although that is not a requirement. But there is no denying such a style is simply perfect for a leather chair.

When not to Buy a Leather Chair

To each their own, and a leather chair is not something you want if you’re not into leather chairs. That much is evident. But even if you like them, not every setting is compatible with them.

Technically, you can use such a chair at a dinner table. But it would look out of place there. A leather chair, even if it’s a club chair, is not meant for that, unless it’s a dinner chair. But then again, you will not find many dinner chairs made from leather.

It may be a good match for a bedroom, as long as you have plenty of space. If you don’t, it’s better to look for something different. And of course, a leather chair is not the best option for an outside setting. Plastic and metal avantgardist chairs a better suited for them.

Top 5 Best Leather Chairs

5. Gordon Tufted ChairGordon Tufted Chair

This chair is not something I would recommend you lightly, but it’s still something you may want to get for yourself. It is without a doubt a very classic chair, the classiest you could find. As such, it is incredibly expensive, and most people, myself included, would not seriously consider purchasing it. That alone makes giving it the first place impossible. But it doesn’t make it a bad chair, only very expensive.

The bonded leather has an incredible feel to it. It is a chair capable of almost caressing anyone sitting in it. That, of course, makes it a purchase one can longe for.

The chair comes with rounded arms, it has a classic profile and possesses very nice-looking button tufting. The nail trimming adds a touch of luxury, not that the chair is any less luxury without the nails, which, I should add, are made of iron and are finished with brass. A luxury combination indeed.

It will make a perfect CEO chair. The secret is that you shouldn’t buy several such chairs, this one is meant to stand out. That is when it truly shows its superiority.

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4. Medford Brown Leather Club ChairMedford Brown Leather Club Chair

For a chair of this class, seven color schemes may be a little bit too much. But it doesn’t mean that’s a bad thing, quite the opposite, in fact. Combined with the level of comfort this chair can provide and its luxurious appearance, some diversity only makes it better. Thanks to that, you will be able to match this chair with almost any setting, and those few still incompatible will probably be quite exotic, to begin with. That said, not all of the variants of this chair are leather chair, so be warned. But, thankfully, several of them still have leather upholstery.

Not only is this leather armchair suitable for formal settings, but it will also not look out of space in your living room or even your bedroom. The chair looks luxurious and very cozy at the same time. It is well-padded and comfy.

As a matter of fact, it suitable for any room, even for placing it in the basement. Not that the basement is a very appropriate place in itself, but this chair will make it more comfortable.

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3. Warren Reclining ChairWarren Reclining Chair

Allow me to ask you, what is it that you expect from a leather chair? Is it the luxury? Is it how they look? Or is it comfort? If it is the latter, perhaps, this is the chair for you.

The title says it all. This is not just a leather chair. It is also a reclining chair and an excellent one at that. The traditional way to make a chair comfortable would be to use a foam filling. Not so in this case. The Warren Reclining Chair is even more traditional in that it utilizes coils. Pocketed coils to be precise.

Of course, pocketed coils are a relatively recent invention, which makes this chair an even more modern than it already looks.

I would not recommend placing this chair in an official setting, however. It is simply not meant for that. The only room this chair is perfect for is a living room. Even then, make sure not to place this chair too close to a wall. Leave at least a ten-inch gap, so that the chair could recline

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2. LeisureMod Bellefonte Modern Leather Pavilion ChairLeisureMod Bellefonte Modern Leather Pavilion Chair

This is a very unorthodox chair, but it’s still a leather chair. And a fairly good one, too! It is not an armchair or even a recliner chair. No, the most accurate description is the lounge chair, even though another possible name would be a pavilion chair, as the official title suggests.

The frame is extremely durable. It is made from stainless steel heavy gauge. Not only is it strong, but it is also polished and makes the chair very attractive. The X shape only makes it look better.

The Bellefonte chair is upholstered with luxurious leather, and that’s why you will find it costs a lot more expensive than you’d expect from a chair like this.

On the upside, it will work with just about any setting possible. A formal setting will not be the best match, but it’ll still work.

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1. BCP Contemporary Black Leather Kids Recliner Chair with Cup HolderBCP Contemporary Black Leather Kids Recliner Chair with Cup Holder

Another recliner, only, this time, it is a kids recliner. Far cheaper than some others, this leather chair is still quite classy. The reason it doesn’t have an outrageously high price is that this chair is meant for kids and, as such, is far lighter than some other chairs. It is also less classy than some other chair with leather upholstery. But it is still a perfect chair for you kids. It’s comfy, it’s cozy, and it’s relaxing. That makes it more than suitable for many settings.

Unlike like the rest of leather chairs, this one will not look out of place in the basement. It is a kids chair, and kids sometimes like to spend their time there, especially if you have some cool things down there. Or a home cinema, which justifies getting a chair on its own.

The chair comes with a cup holder and is well-padded. It is soft and gentle to the touch, which means your children will love it.

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Bottom Line

Leather chairs can be used in many settings. However, they contribute to formal settings best, as long as you don’t use a very unorthodox chair. Or a kids chair, those, too, are not meant for an office, but then again, it’s rather obvious they are not.

That said, leather chairs are not any better—or worse—than any other type of chairs. What matters most is the setting you’re going to use it in. Good luck!

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