Great Windsor Chairs


What a Windsor Chair Is

You all might have heard of Windsor chairs but not all people understand what they are. Some assume that are exceptionally luxurious and not everyone can buy them, other believe that they are a thing of past but the truth is that they are rather popular and available even now.

The Windsor chair is a sort of a dining chair. Typically, it is made from wood, comes without cushions, has a semicircular back, and is supported by upright rods. It is not known when exactly it was invented but such chairs were relatively widespread by the 16th century.

Style a Windsor Chair Works Best with

Although Windsor chairs are still popular, they are still antique chairs when it comes to their style. What does this mean for the end consumer? It means that a Windsor chair will be perfectly compatible with an antique design.

I can list a number of style at a top of my head: Father Founders’ time style, Victorian style, a nineteenth century vibe, or even something as exotic as steampunk, although not every Windsor chair would work for that particular style.

Even though a Windsor chair is a classic English furniture, it can also be a great eclectic addition for such interiors as Italian, Gothic or relatively warm modern interiors. Some Windsor chairs would also work for green and blue hues interiors, mostly comprising austere furniture items, but not minimalist or hi-tech.

Making Windsor Chairs Work in Non-Traditional Designs

If you have a traditional American or English design, making a Windsor chair work should be easy. However, some people just can’t or won’t create such style dedicatedly. It might make a Windsor chair simply useless for your purposes.

Thankfully, there are certain way to avoid that.

  • Go eclectic. In an eclectic style, nothing is out of place. The whole idea of an eclectic style is to draw the most eye-catching elements from a variety of styles. A Windsor chair can be such an element.
  • Allocate “style areas”. Now this is not a good general advice but it is something you can try. If you’re trying to create an unusual zonal design, allocating different areas for different styles should be an interesting choice. Especially if you separate the areas with walls or choose different rooms to represent different styles.
  • Victorian, Gothic, or Early American vibe. You do not actually create a traditional style but you incorporate the elements of a certain style to add that accent to the room.
  • Use as an accent in an otherwise bland room. Some modern style choice can be defined as a non-style of sorts. While not accurate technically, this is still very true in practice. A Windsor chair will be a perfect accent sport, especially paired with an appropriate table and one or several other Windsor chairs.

What You Should not Expect from a Windsor Chair

A Windsor chair is a more or less traditional piece of furniture; although select few craftsmen may have produced interesting combinations of modern styles and the Windsor style. But those are too far and in between, and you can’t just buy one at the time. Therefore, do not expect a Windsor chair to look modern. It probably won’t. It is a chair you want to buy for certain vintage and antique flair, not the opposite.

You should also not expect paddings. That’s not a defining feature of this type of chair, far from it. As a rule, Windsor chairs are made of wood only, mostly steam-bent wood. That’s what people are expecting from a Windsor chair.

Top 5 Bowback Windsor Chairs

Let’s open today’s reviews with this list. After all, bowback Windsor chairs are some of the most popular, especially in America, as they date back to the late 1700-s, originating in Philadelphia.

Although buying dining chairs separately, Windsor chairs included, is not the most common practice, some people might only need a single chair rather than several. This review is for them.

5. Dooley’s 3125 Solid Oak Steambent Windsor Dining ChairDooleys 3125 Solid Oak Steambent Windsor Dining Chair

This Windsor chair’s design is rather popular, although the cogs are not exactly spindles. But this changes nothing. A good solidly built oak chair, that’s what this piece of furniture from Dooley is. Of course, to make a dinner chair look best you’d need to pair it with another one, but it should work standalone just as well.

This may not be bog oak but, frankly, not many people would even want one. While it sounds chic, buying one of such chairs would just be a display of bad taste in most cases. Simple oak is good enough for furniture, and it’s more than enough to ensure that this chair is extremely durable.

The chair is not only useful to create a vibe or enhance a vintage flair. Its classic design is perfect for a lodge or a country diner. The chair is 41.25 inches in height, 18 inches in width, and 18.5 inches in length.

The chair is not particularly expensive, especially compared to other Windsor chair, so you can easily save some money if you choose to buy it. Just remember that this is a single chair. If you need a set, you’ll have to order several more chairs, although I’d recommend purchasing a several-pieces set instead.

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4. International Concepts 1C-969 Tall Windsor Side ChairInternational Concepts 1C-969 Tall Windsor Side Chair

This unfinished Windsor chair is even cheaper than some of the less expensive ones. There are a lot of cheap Windsor chairs, there’s a plenty of truly expensive antique ones. This chair from International Concepts will be a perfect compromise if you would like to have both. Its design is truly authentic and classic. Spindles are constructed just like in any other Windsor chair of past.

With the spindles being more or simplistic in design, although, admittedly, more classic as well, this chair can be a perfect addition for more interiors then chairs that have components with more intricate designs.

This char will be perfectly suitable for outdoors or a patio. If you want to have a dinner in the garden or simply enjoy a nice conversation, then this is a chair for you. A perfect cottage chair for the money. Also compatible with a living room or a parlor, it will be unobtrusively paired up with a dinner or coffee table. No design clash, even if your house does not feature any other element of the traditional design. A very versatile choice.

The chair is made from solid parawood. This may seem like an exotic choice for a chair, but it is capable of providing perfect durability. It also makes the construction far sturdier, although not quite as sturdy as oak. The H-shaped stretches will ensure better stability and add more strength to the construction.

A great buy if you’re interested in saving money on a perfect Windsor chair.

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3. Carolina Classic Cottage Windsor ChairCarolina Classic Cottage Windsor Chair

The design of this chair does not deviate from the average bowback Windsor chair’s design too much. The only element worth mention is the small pedestal accommodating the spindles. It’s there for style rather than practicality or convenience as it does not affect the way the sitter interacts with the chair, not much anyway. It doesn’t make things uncomfortable or exceptionally comfortable, it’s just there.

The seat is contoured in a way that makes it more pleasing to the eye compared to the regular circular and trapezoid shapes, although the former is only typical for stools. Still, the seat’s violin-like silhouette is in no way unusual for Windsor chairs, just like H-shaped stretches aren’t.

The Carolina Classic chair is made of solid Asian hardwood. Nevertheless, it does not look particularly exotic, the antique flair aside.

In my opinion, this is not the best Windsor chair for outdoors. It’s barely different from the norm, and nothing prevents you from using it outside, but I believe it looks much better in a room. You can still use it outside, mind you, provided you like how it looks. The spindles are attached to the seat rather firmly and are unlikely to come off, not that regular Windsor chairs are fragile.

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2. Bowback Windsor Side Chair by Cohasset ColonialsBowback Windsor Side Chair by Cohasset Colonials

I laid special emphasis on those chairs that would not hit you in your pocket as I believe most people restrict their spending or at least try to. But some of us can afford to spend money lavishly. This chair made by Cohasset Colonials is something I would only recommend to such people. Not that it is outrageously expensive, believe me, most ball chairs cost more than this, but you can always get a cheaper Windsor replica, some of them mentioned in this review.

Nevertheless, this one is definitely worth the money. Calling this chair “classic” means not giving it enough credit. The entire design of the chair is elegant and very refined. Its chiseled legs are constructed perfectly, and even the stretches are an eye candy. It is also made from several sorts of wood. The seat is made from Eastern white pine, the bow of ash, and the turnings are maple. The seat is not flat but carved in a manner that makes the chair somewhat more comfortable.

This is not a luxurious chair, but it still costs more than the average. Looks far better than the average as well. It’s hard to find a room where you couldn’t use it. It’s good for outdoors, for a parlor, for a patio. It will be a nice supplement for a coffee or dinner table, although I’d recommend to purchase at least two such chairs, or, perhaps, a set of other chairs, as it does not match many tables well by itself.

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1. International Concepts C-213T Windsor Arrow Back ChairInternational Concepts C-213T Windsor Arrow Back Chair

If you believe that all the other chairs in this list are way too pricey, here’s another one for you. It’s not just inexpensive, it’s one of the cheapest Windsor chairs you can find. Of course, you can’t expect it to be made in America for this price. No, it actually comes from Malaysia. As a result, the wood it is made from is parawood rather than more traditional sorts of wood, such as oak, pine, ash, and others.

Parawood makes the chair sturdy enough and also has rather exotic smell (although you shouldn’t feel it if the chair is constructed properly and you don’t shave it). On top of that it looks great.

The International Concepts chair will be a perfect match for a dining table, although I strongly recommend to buy at least two of them. Still, there are ways to make even one such chair work. It may be a very good chair for reading or your personal study. In that case, a pair to the chair becomes unnecessary and you get to enjoy its sleek antique construction and as much comfort as a wooden chair can provide you with.

All in all, this is a solid and eco-friendly chair for a low price. Definitely recommending it.

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Top 10 Bowback Windsor Chair Sets

10. Target Marketing Systems Windsor Mixed Media Dining Chair (Set of 2)Target Marketing Systems Windsor Mixed Media Dining Chair (Set of 2)

This set of Windsor chairs is one of those exceptions I was talking about. The chairs have relatively modern design, which extends the possibilities for their use considerably.  Not only are they compatible with vintage designs, they work perfectly well with modern interiors, although trying them out in a hi-tech style room is a gamble. They are also not the best match for a minimalist set up, and, at the same time, certainly not the worst.

The seat itself is made of wood, however, the back, frame and legs are built from metal. A nice upgrade for a Windsor chair. This makes them much cheaper to manufacture, even though metal per se is more expensive compared to wood.

The metal spindles are guaranteed to hold a considerable load, and that makes leaning back more than safe. Not that a typical Windsor chair isn’t, but you have to agree, metal is more durable than wood. The seat is made from a single piece of wood and  engineered with a slight curve to provide at least some level of comfort.

These chairs are extremely versatile. They can be a perfect match for all capacities a typical wooden Windsor chair can hold but they do depend on the style of your room quite as heavily. Good universal Windsor chairs.

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9. Winsome Wood Windsor Chair with Natural Finish (Set of 2)Winsome Wood Windsor Chair with Natural Finish (Set of 2)

This is more or less classical design.  These two chairs are definitely worth their money. Speaking of which, the set is no very expensive, quite the opposite in fact, it costs relatively little and is more than affordable for even a struggling family. Although I would recommend something simpler and plainer for the latter. Every little bit counts, and these chairs are built for style first and foremost. They are practical, sure, but style is the most important thing about these Windsor chairs (as well as most others).

I would not recommend people who are relatively heavy to use these chairs. If you’re under 200 pounds, you should be good, a little more than that, and the chair still won’t break but they are not good enough for you if you weigh about 300 pounds or more. If you do, I would advise go by practicality first and style later.

Still, this is quite a durable chair, made primarily of beechwood. Sturdy and stable, and those two qualities mean solid as a rock when they go hand-in-hand. Elegant and big enough, it will be a very good chair for your dinner room or patio. The shape of the seat may be rather simple but the chair itself appears rather streamlined and sleek thanks to that. An important quality for a Windsor chair.

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8. Oak Finish Windsor Dining Side Chairs (Set of 4)Oak Finish Windsor Dining Side Chairs (Set of 4)

Want something for your entire family? This set of 4 Windsor chairs may be just the thing for you! If you have one or two kids, it simply perfect, count-wise at least. Of course, the number is not the only advantage this set of chairs comes with. They are made from oak, and well-made at that, can easily accommodate most people, and have a comfortable height. Their design is rather minimalist for a Windsor chair but they still have that vintage flair about them. Not something that reminds you of the age of computers. The age of steam and electricity, that’s what they are reminiscent of. But the design is not anachronistic either. Perfect minimalist Windsor chairs.

The price may seem like a little more than average but only if you don’t account for the fact it’s a 4-piece set. Divide the price by four and you will be surprised at how cheap the chairs really are.

Being made of oak, they are extremely durable. The lack of intricate ornaments does make the chairs look rather lain but also makes its structure rather consistent. To put it simply, these chairs are more durable than similar chairs with carvings would be. Barely so, but it still counts.

A perfect set for a dining room or a garden.

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7. Windsor Chairs by Modern Lines (Set of 2)Windsor Chairs by Modern Lines (Set of 2)

In this instance, the name of the seller is a charactonym. For those of us who don’t have a habit of lurking through a number of dictionaries in hopes of impressing their readers, the name basically says everything you needed to know about this chair. The words “Modern Lines” indeed tell you all.

The chairs are made of wood but make no mistake, they would not look out of place in any modern set up, well, unless is something rare and barely compatible with other styles. At the same time, these are clearly Windsor chairs. The legs and the H-shaped stretches are curved and look rather artistic. A perfect combination of simplicity and artistry. Add to that the traditional Windsor design and functionality, and you’ve got a chair pleasing to the eye without being kitschy, no matter the interior.

The chairs are rather tall but not quite tall, the height of the back is 36 inches from the floor level.

It is a perfect match for darker set ups. It would also contrast a light-colored floor well-enough. Not the best choice for a garden, at least not in summer but it might work in the fall or maybe even winter. Perhaps, it is not the best season for enjoying fresh air, but if you choose to do that, these chairs might be very good for the task.

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6. Light Honey Oak Spindle Back Wood Dining Chairs by The Furniture Cove (Set of 4)Light Honey Oak Spindle Back Wood Dining Chairs by The Furniture Cove (Set of 4)

If you believe open air and a set of Windsor chairs make a good combination, I have bad news and good news for you. The bad news is that, no, Windsor chairs do not necessarily go well with a garden or a yard, although they will more like than not match a patio perfectly. The good news is that these four particular chairs will, indeed, make a good combination. And they are easy to afford, too! Don’t forget that the price is per a set and not an individual chair.

The light honey oak finish is a guarantee that these chairs will never feel out of place in any light or warm set up. They can certainly blend in well, to say nothing of their sturdy construction. That said, the chairs ship unassembled, unlike some other Windsor chairs. Please remember that when making your order. It will take you some time to put the chairs together as they ship unassembled. If you’re not ready for that, it would be better to order a set that ships assembled.

The chairs look very streamlined but not minimalist enough to be considered modernistic. They can fit a modern set up, however, they won’t work well with darker themes. They will look good outside in summer, though.

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5. Oak Finish Windsor Country Style Wood Dining Chairs (Set of 4)Oak Finish Windsor Country Style Wood Dining Chairs (Set of 4)

Even when two sets of furniture are very similar and even made of the same materials, that does not mean they are the same thing. That’s exactly what this set of 4 Windsor chair is not, it is not some other set of 4 Windsor oak finish chairs in disguise. No, it’s quite unique in its own right, as much as a Windsor chair can be unique.

Although the name of the set says “oak”, the chairs are actually constructed from hardwood, which, in my opinion is even better. The oak finish only serves one purpose, and that means it’s only supposed to look good. It certainly does.

If you are not sure you will be able to assemble the chairs without mistakes or frustrations, a fully assembled set of Windsor chairs will be a better option for you, as these four chairs ship unassembled. That said, they do not require complex assembly, it should only take about half an hour for each chair.

The chairs are cheap and you will find they are not quite as refined as some other Windsor chairs. Rather simplistic, they would still match many interiors. Perfect for a cottage or country house. Also looks good at a dinner table.

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4. Better Homes and Gardens Windsor Kitchen Chairs (Set of 2)Better Homes and Gardens Windsor Kitchen Chairs (Set of 2)

If your main concern is saving many and you still want to have a couple of Windsor chairs, you can consider purchasing these two. If you make some basic calculations, you will find out they are quite inexpensive and affordable even for people of modest means. These are not the most comfortable of Windsor chairs but definitely no worse than many of them.

Although their design is not very extravagant, the legs, H-stretch, and the frame are rather curvy. Enough to count as something more or less refined. The chairs have a dark shade so they are better suited for dark-themed interiors. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t work for light interiors at all. It does, although I strongly recommend that you place it on a light floor as well. It’s not a good combo if the walls are light and the floor is dark.

The chairs don’t comprise only a single sort of wood, although the difference is only cosmetic if you ask me. It doesn’t really make them either stronger or weaker. It is possible to use them outside, but do note that they only look good in the fall, when the tree leaves are all yellow and red and on the ground.

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3. Windsor Dining Chairs with Natural Seat in White Finish by Boraam (Set of 2)Windsor Dining Chairs with Natural Seat in White Finish by Boraam (Set of 2)

Not quite as cheap as some others, this set of Windsor chairs by Boraam is still far from having a steep price. Made of solid hardwood, it is also available in cherry finish. A very sturdy piece of furniture for a very modest price.

While this chairs’ design is quite minimalist, it does not mean they are simple. Quite the opposite, if anything, these two chairs are some of the most elegant Windsor chairs you could find on the market. And that’s affordable. Which is always a good thing.

It is not something I would buy for my preferred residence. But for a farmhouse? A forest hut? A house by a lake? More than ideal, more than you’d ever need.

In fact, I struggle to come up with a believable non-kitschy set up where these chairs would look out of place. Do they look too simple? Perhaps. But they certainly harmonize well with just about any kind of interior. That alone should make them a good investment.

If you need a couple of chair for a dining room in your farmhouse, and you don’t care if it’s fancy as long as it’s somewhat stylish, then this cahir set is for you. Get it and enjoy it.

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2. Winsome Wood Windsor Chair in Natural and White Finish (Set of 2)Winsome Wood Windsor Chair in Natural and White Finish (Set of 2)

You might have noticed that many chairs in these reviews had a rather simple design so far. That makes sense, since such chairs are easier—and cheaper—to manufacture. They still retain all the basic features of the Windsor design, therefore, it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. This particular set is no exception. Cheap and simple, these are its two defining qualities.

The chairs are made from beechwood. Not too exotic, but definitely reliable and more traditional than, say, parawood. This is the sort of wood the Founders’ chairs were made of. And that really says it all.

If you don’t like assembling you furniture yourself, you will be glad to learn that the chairs are shipped fully assembled. The legs are thick and sturdy, and the chairs are just what you need, both for home and a farmhouse. I can’t think of an interior where these chairs would clash with the general design of the room. They are versatile like that.

Because of that, I recommend you to buy this set no matter what kind of design you prefer, provided you like the chairs themselves. That’s the only thing that really matters. They may be simple, but if you like them, you should know they are easily compatible with whatever you have in mind.

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1. Winsome Wood Windsor Chair, Natural (Set of 2)Winsome Wood Windsor Chair, Natural (Set of 2)

Between this set and another of from the same manufacturer, there’s little difference. And yet, no matter how little the difference is, it’s still there, and it matters enough for you to not waver when making a choice. After all, the difference is very pronounced, if little.

The design is what is important, and this set makes an impression of lightness and simplicity. You will find that the legs of the chairs in this set are spread less compared to the other Windsor chair set from Winsome Wood. It makes them appear taller and more delicate, although hey are just as robust. They may lack panache but they are very distinctive.

It’s the kind of chair you want to have home, in the garden, or even in a forest hut. Perfectly compatible with many style, more than simply compatible with anything that involves antique things or natural exteriors. Another pleasant surprise is the weight each of these chairs can handle, and the upper limit is 300 pounds. That’s pretty respectable. That’s more than respectable. Like I said, the impressions of delicateness is only an impression, nothing more.

Given how cheap this two-piece set is, how robust the chairs are, how their design is versatile and easily compatible with most interiors and any natural exteriors, this offer from Winsome Wood does indeed deserve to be considered perfect for most people.

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Top 5 Windsor Armchairs

5. Kincaid Cherry Park Windsor Arm ChairKincaid Cherry Park Windsor Arm Chair

A nice and comfortable armchair built to the Windsor chair design. Hiwever, there are some things you shouldn’t expect from this particular chair. First, don’t expect it to look antique. It doesn’t. If you want to add a vintage vibe to your design, you should pick another Windsor chair, not this one. You should only purchase it if you want a comfortable dining chair. Nothing more.

On the upside, such a construction makes this chair easily compatible with most modern interiors. The chair doesn’t really look like something taken from the 19th century, the similarities it shares with other Windsor chairs are technical and insignificant from the end consumer’s point of view. It’s still a Windsor chair, but you should know it’s not what most people expect a Windsor chair to be.

I strongly advise that you refrain from using this chair outdoors. Not that it is susceptible to the elements, it’s no more susceptible than any other average chair, but it certainly does not look good when not in a matching room or any room, really.

Price is often a concern, and in this instance, you would be very right to be concerned. The armchair is very expensive. Despite its uncommon design, it still is worth the money. Sleek, with radius-tapered legs, robust and elegant construction, it still is appealing to many people, unless they prefer vintage chairs.

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4. Birdcage Windsor Arm ChairBirdcage Windsor Arm Chair

If you do prefer an antique flair, this Windsor armchair is a perfect match for you. You don’t need to go any further. What you get is an armchair built to the authentic design of early 1800-s. Despite its steep price, this chair is definitely a good purchase.

The chair is very lightweight and robust at the same time. Unlike some Windsor chairs, this one is simply perfect as outdoors furniture. The reason for that is that the original Boston Windsor chairs were made for outdoor use first and foremost. It is only natural that such replicas are better suited for the original task.

Made of Eastern white pine, the seat, in theory being on of the heaviest elements in a chair’s construction, is in fact quite lightweight, making the chair almost portable. Turnings made of hard maple make the chair appear even more elegant.

The chair is also manufactured in Massachusetts. While not the most important bit, it still matters, since that means that this Birdcage armchair truly is an American chair. You won’t be able to save money, true, but will surely manage to impress your friends. Just ask yourself if it’s worth it, if you’re a connoisseur of vintage furniture and you’ll know if this is what you want.

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3. Target Marketing Systems Windsor Mixed Media Arm Chair (Set of 2)Target Marketing Systems Windsor Mixed Media Arm Chair (Set of 2)

Wood and metal. Not the most traditional combination but certainly a winning one. The comfort of a wooden seat and the robustness and sturdiness of a metal frame can easily satisfy even the most picky customers… Unless they are after authenticity. The chairs may be comfortable and good-looking, but they are far better suited for modern interiors rather than vintage set ups.

Being one of the few exceptions among Windsor chairs, this chair set is much more versatile. I would never recommend it for a high-tech set up, so there’s that. But even then it’s rather impressive.

I would also like to note that such a construction is relatively easy to implement in practice. Meaning, the chairs are cheap to produce, which makes them some of the cheaper Windsor chairs available on the market. Divide the price by two and you’ll see what I mean. Granted, they are not the cheapest chairs of this type, but they would still help you save some money. These chairs are built to last.

The seat has a slight curve for better comfort. It comes without a cushion, though, like all Windsor chair so I advise that you do not expect too much comfort. It’s moderately comfortable, but that’s it.

A perfect chair set for those who don’t want anything exceptional, just a couple of good stylish chairs.

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2. Bowback Windsor Arm Chair by Cohasset ColonialsBowback Windsor Arm Chair by Cohasset Colonials

Another state of the art chair by Cohasset Colonials. It looks so good it’s almost worth buying for looking at it. But of course, its aesthetical value is nothing compared to the comfort it can provide you with. The seat itself, though wooden, is shaped and is capable of relieving pressure points. Being made from wood, it certainly does it rather crudely but still much better than many other wooden seats.

The seat is made of Eastern white pine. Not the most robust sort of wood but not many people want to have a hard and firm seat to begin with. Besides, all turnings are made from maple and the arms (as well as the bows) are ash. A very good composition.

This kind of armchair is exactly what people expect a classic American Windsor chair to be. This is exactly the thing you can expect to see in many historical pictures depicting the period of the Founders. You can surely call this Windsor chair antique, unlike many others presented in these reviews. This is a chair for those who value the vibe their furniture gives over utility and, that said, it will works just fine for those who value utility as well. A pleasure for the eye and a very comfortable piece of furniture.

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1. Farmhouse Windsor Back Arm ChairFarmhouse Windsor Back Arm Chair

Even if a chair is authentic, if when such an authentic chair is a Windsor chair, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be expensive. So here it is, the Farmhouse Windsor armchair from Liberty.

Some of you might find it not all that impressive, especially compared to some of the more expensive chairs. But the point is not luxury. It’s utility and a good design, and this armchair has both.

If you’re interested in what you should expect aside from all that, I can say it’s going to be high-quality wood, detailed finishing, and the best veneers you can find in furniture.

What is this armchair good fro, then? Well, as the name implies, it is a perfect chair for a farm house. But not only that, of course. As a Windsor chair, it is also a perfect dinner chair. It is also a perfect chair for eating outside. While not portable or even designed for outdoors, it is still perfectly suitable for such conditions.

It is not impossible to come up with interiors incompatible with this armchair, though. If some Windsor chairs are rather versatile, this one is definitely not. A farm house, a garden, or a patio, it’s perfectly suitable for all three. But put it into a room with a more or less modern set up, and it’ll look out of place.

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Top 3 Unusual Windsor Chairs

3. Sanctuary Windsor Side ChairSanctuary Windsor Side Chair

The chair is not particularly unusual for a Windsor chair but even a single glance is enough to realize it actually is very much unorthodox. The bow of the chair gradually extends into its legs. Thanks to that, the chair looks recognizable enough to be called a Windsor chair and, at the same, has a rather refreshing design.

If you are looking for the antique vintage vibe, this chair may not be your best bet. Don’t get me wrong, the chair looks very stylish but it is not classic, and that’s where the problem lies. It is also not modern enough to be considered, well, modern. What it is, is a rather vanguard style chair. Not something you will see in a classic setup but something that will be not very unusual in a deliberate approximation of such set up. The word that springs to the forefront of my mind when I think about this chair is “steampunk”. You may have noticed I’ve brought this word up several times already, and for a good reason. However, out of all Windsor chairs you can use to contribute to the steampunk vibe this one should be your best bet.

Do note that it is good for more than that. Although rather expensive, it will also make a good dinner chair unless you’re looking for authenticity.

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2. Kloris Cappuccino Wood Windsor Rocking ChairKloris Cappuccino Wood Windsor Rocking Chair

There are two kinds of cassic chairs I can think of from off the top of my head. The Windsor chair is one of them whch is quite natural, come to think of it. The second? Why, the rocking chair, of course. Have your ever daydreamed of sitting in front of a fireplace covered with a plaid and a cup of hot chocolate in your hands, rocking in your chair? Well, this is exactly that kind of chair.

I’m actually planning on writing a review dedicated to rocking chairs specifically but since this chair has come up… Well, there’s nothing I can do about it. It is a rocking chair, and a fairly good one, but if you’re looking for a rocker rather than a Windsor chair, you should probably read the review on rocking chairs. The Kloris chair happens to be a rocking chair, as far as rocking chairs go, it is not the best. Unless you want them to be built to the Windsor chair design, in which case, yes, it will be the best rocking chair you will be able to buy. One of few, actually.

Surprisingly, the chair is not very expensive, especially compared to some more extravagant Windsor chairs. However, some assembly will be required after it’s delivered.

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1. Gift Mark Windsor Childrens 3600 Rocking ChairGift Mark Windsor Childrens 3600 Rocking Chair

Another rocking chair. Yes, one of the few. It would probably not seem that way after I put more than one in my reviews, but that doesn’t mean there are many other rocking Windsor chairs. These two just happen to be some of the best unorthodox Windsor chairs, and that’s that.

This particular chair is unusual in more ways than one. In addition to being a rocking chair as well as a Windsor chair, it is also intended for children. That’s right, not only does this chair combine features of two chair types, it also incorporates the features of a third type. That said, it is not actually unusual for chairs for children to belong to at least one other type. It’s just very not typical for both Windsor chairs and, less so, rocking chairs.

The chair has an age limit. The specs say from 3 to 6 but if you but this chair you will find that that it a little bit two prescriptive. A 2-year-old might not be comfortable in this chair, but a child who is two years and half would have no problems. As for the upper cap… Let’s just say all children grow up differently. You may have to put this chair in the closet by the time your little one is 5. On the other hand, it is not impossible that this chair will still be useful after the 7 birthday. You never know.

Additionally, this chair is one of the cheapest Windsor chairs you can find. However, it is not quite as cheap if you compare it to other chairs for children.

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